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If you are actually looking for articles on a topic (and not a specific journal or magazine), see related information on Find Articles.

To locate a specific journal, magazine, or other serial publication, start by searching our e-Journals in Quick Search. You can search the ISU Library's extensive collection of electronic journals and magazines by title or broad subject. If a serial appears in this list, it will display availability of both print and electronic volumes.

Some journals are available on multiple interfaces. Click on the journal title to see full-text options and information about which years are available on that specific interface. In some cases, electronic access to the current year may not be available due to publisher embargoes.

Need more help?

If you cannot find the journal, magazine, or other serial you wanted, check your spelling. If you did not make a typing error, the Library may not subscribe to it. To be certain, stop at the Main Desk during open hours, or Ask us!

Titles not available locally at the ISU Library can frequently be obtained via Interlibrary Loan.