Use these methods to search our catalog for physical books and e-books.

Finding books

Use the library's Quick Search tool to search for a book by title, keyword or phrase.

When viewing your results, you can narrow down your search by author, subject, format, and more.

Learn more about using Quick Search, including how to use Advanced Search.

New titles

You can also check our new titles list, which is updated daily with the most recent additions of books and e-books.

Finding e-books

To limit your search results to e-books, select the "Full-text online" option as you view your results.

See our e-books guide for a list of e-book collections and how to troubleshoot common problems.

If we don't have an e-book you need in digital format, you can recommend a purchase. We may not be able to buy all items recommended.

Get books from outside our library

If we don't have a book you're looking for, we can request it from another library system using interlibrary loan or recommend we purchase it.

Learn more about using other libraries to find materials.