Find Images

If you need to find photographs or other images, try these options:

Special Collections and University Archives can help you find historical images and photographs both in person and online.

Images and Copyright

Remember to obtain permission from an image's copyright owner before using it. Sometimes, depending on the intended use, the copyright owner may allow you to use the image at no charge. In other cases, you will be required to pay a fee. Usually images will have a statement of terms, conditions, or restrictions on use.

Find Maps

We have maps in different collections and locations. The majority of printed maps are in our Maps, Media, and Microforms room. Some historical maps of ISU and the State of Iowa are in Special Collections and University Archives.

Need more help finding maps?

Not all maps can be found using Quick Search. For more information or assistance, contact the Parks Library Main Desk in person or call 515-294-3961.

For rare or historical maps related to ISU or the State of Iowa, contact Special Collections and University Archives at or 515-294-6672.

Find Microforms

We have over 2 million pieces of microform mostly in our Maps, Media, and Microforms room. These include

  • microfilm (16 mm and 35 mm film on reels)
  • microfiche (flat, 4" x 6" film)
  • microcard (flat, 4" x 6" opaque card format).  

You can use our equipment to read, print, and scan (digitize) microforms.

Microforms can be located using Quick Search. Add the keyword "microform" to limit your search.

Need more help with microforms?

Contact the Main Desk in person or by phone at 515-294-3961.

Find Standards

Industry standards such as ANSI, ISO, and others, are used by producers of goods and services.

We have some standards in print form located in the Standards Center, Room 161, on Floor 1 and you can find them using Quick Search. Online records of standards can be accessed using Standards Search Engines.

We typically do not lend our prints of standards. They are available for checkout only on a case-by-case basis.