We provide open, public access to most ISU dissertations and theses. For dissertations and theses from other schools, we provide some databases.

Iowa State dissertations and theses


Anyone can access most Iowa State University dissertations and theses through our Digital Repository. This is an open access, free resource available to the public.

Students, staff, and anyone on-campus can access Iowa State University dissertations and theses on ProQuest’s Dissertations & Theses @ Iowa State University. This is a subscription service and is not available to the public off-campus.

New theses and dissertations are usually available one semester after graduation.

In print

ISU theses and dissertations prior to 2007 may be in the library’s print collection and can be found through Quick Search.

The word “thesis” is used for both dissertations and theses, so your search should start with:

(“iowa state” AND thesis)

followed by keywords like last name, year of graduation, subject matter, or degree.

For example, the following search will return ISU theses and dissertations from 1987 about bridges.

(“iowa state” AND thesis) 1987 bridges

Dissertations and theses from other schools

Theses and dissertations from other schools can be searched for in specialized databases.

See our Dissertation and Theses databases.

We can also request digital or physical copies of theses through Interlibrary Loan.

Still searching?

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