Find Audiovisual Materials

The ISU Library has a large collection of media material (called "Audio Visual" in Quick Search), including audiobooks, educational and feature film DVDs, television series, and music. This collection includes both physical items and digital streaming items. Most physical A/V items are housed in the Parks Library Media Center, though some are found in the branch libraries.

A/V items can be located with Quick Search. Search the title you want or use specific keywords or names relevant to the item you want, and be sure to use Quick Search's first drop-down menu (just below the search box) to choose Audio Visual. If you get a large number of search results, you can then use Quick Search's Refine my Results (on the left sidebar on your Search results page) to quickly locate items in specific locations (such as PARKS Media) or by format.

Additional Tips

  • For DVDs of popular movies and television shows, you can browse the Movies and TV list.
  • For streaming video collections, see our Streaming Videos Guide. You can also find streaming video collections linked on the Article Indexes & Databases page. This is useful when you know the name of a specific streaming video collection, such as "Films on Demand" or "Kanopy". If you know a specific streaming title, you can also find it using Quick Search.
  • For streaming music, visit our subscription to Naxos Music Library.

Search by special terms

In addition, you can find some of our A/V materials in Quick Search by using special terms in your search. You may not find everything in this way but it may be helpful. Below are some examples.


  • harry potter AND (audiobooks OR "talking books")
  • toni morrison AND audiobooks

Documentaries, movies, television series, and other DVDs / videorecordings

  • hurricane katrina AND videorecording
  • jennifer lawrence AND videorecording

Music CDs and other sound recordings

  • einstein on the beach AND "sound recording"
  • beyonce AND "sound recording"

Need more help?

For physical collections, contact staff in the Media Center (2 Parks, Lower Level) during its open hours.

For streaming collections, contact a liaison librarian or Ask us!