We offer various rooms to be used for classes, workshops and events.

Faculty and P&S staff can request a classroom.

List of classrooms

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    Classroom 31

    Lower level, Room 031, Parks Library

    Room typically reserved for presentations and classes.

    • Seats 60 people
    • Configurable seating arranged in rows of rolling chairs with foldable tablet arms directed toward a podium
    • Two projectors with two projector screens on either side of a whiteboard at the front
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    Computer Lab 32

    Lower level, Room 032, Parks Library

    Relatively small lab ideal for facilitating group projects and live demos. Open to use by students, faculty, and staff when not reserved.

    • Seats 25 people
    • Clusters of single display workstations
    • TV screens on the walls
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    Classroom 134

    1st floor, Room 134, Parks Library

    Large room optimized for computer-based instruction and testing. Serves as an open computer lab when not used for instruction.

    • 48 PCs arranged in rows
    • Two black and white laser printers
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    Classroom 198

    1st floor, Room 198, Parks Library

    Large open room reserved for classes, workshops, and events.

    • Seats 108 people
    • Grid of fixed circular desks with charging outlets and rolling chairs
    • Multiple wall-mounted TV screens
    • Multiple whiteboards, both wall-mounted and rolling
    • Projector with one large projector screen
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    Classroom 405

    4th floor, Room 405, Parks Library

    Only available when partnering with Special Collections and University Archives staff. Fill out their form to request instruction.

    Relatively small room reserved for presentations and workshops.

    • Seats 25 people
    • Configurable seating arranged in rows of rectangular rolling desks and rolling chairs, directed toward a podium
    • Two large TV screens on either side of a whiteboard at the front