The following places are listed starting on the south end of the floor and going clockwise: Maps, media, and microforms which includes computers and printers, Studio 2B, Classroom 31, Computer Lab 32, Library IT Help Desk 33, The International Nest, stacks with call numbers M through MX, P through PF,  PG through PQ, and PR through PS, east elevator, access to Tier 1, men's restroom, women's restroom, all-gender restroom with changing table, central stairs, group study room 03, and the Family-Friendly Room.


Tier 1

Tier 1 is accessible via the Tier elevator, or via stairs and a steep ramp on its south side. Call numbers between Q and QA and between PT and PZ are on this sub-level, along with study carrels.

Tier 1 Floorplan