We are a modern collaborative incubator for specialized research and instruction services and trainings related to digital scholarship, digital publishing, good data management and sharing of research data. The room is not a general study space.

Location: Floor 1, Parks Library

Business Hours: Mon - Fri, 7am-6pm

After 6pm and on weekends, The Catalyst can be used as an open study space.

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What we offer

  • Workshops, primarily focusing on digital scholarship and data services, on topics such as data ethics, Open Refine, digital humanities, and more
  • PCs equipped with specialized software and computing power, available by reservation or walk-in.
  • Consultations for specialized research and instruction related to digital scholarship, research data services and digital press
  • Host and co-host regular meetings for learning groups on digital scholarship and research topics
  • Events such as:
    • Invited guest lectures or talks and lightning talks
    • Competitions such as hackathons or “three-minute thesis”
    • Open houses, showcases, project launches, and author recognition events
    • Social events such as film screenings and mixers to bring like minds together informally to meet and discuss digital scholarship

Inspiration for the Catalyst

Research, scholarship, and instruction is more than just working in a lab or teaching a textbook. There are unique pieces involved such as publishing articles and integrating tools and technology in classes. The Catalyst brings together the specialized support services that often intersect when working with scholars and instructors in one dedicated and convenient location.