Check out these non-reservable spaces to work on group projects, study solo, or engage with others while working.

List of spaces

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    Collaboration Corridor

    1st floor, Parks Library

    Modern study spaces with a variety of comfortable seating options and computers with large monitors.

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    The Glass Box

    1st floor, Parks Library

    Large cubicles with whiteboard wall panels and a variety of comfortable seating.

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    Study by the Cafe

    1st floor, Parks Library

    Grab drinks or snacks from Bookends Café, and study in this cozy corridor with café-style seating.

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    Study Space by Stacks

    Lower level, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, Parks Library

    Find tables equipped with charging outlets in a row along the stacks for quick referencing of study materials. Great for small groups.

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    Computer Stations

    2nd floor, 3rd floor, Parks Library

    Computer stations with dual displays conveniently located near printers for quick access.

    Comfy armchairs nearby as well.


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    Open Study Area

    3rd floor, Parks Library

    The largest study area in the library suitable for individual and group studies.

    This collaborative zone features long rectangular tables, charging outlets between tables, and whiteboards throughout the space to visualize your work. This tends to be one of the noisiest spaces in the library, as students engage with each other during study sessions.

    Find height-adjustable desks along the southern wall with great views across campus.

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    Food-free Study Space

    4th floor, Parks Library

    Focus on your work in this quieter food-free floor with comfortable seating for individuals or groups.

    Settle down in curved couches or at tables with rolling chairs to get your work done.