Accessible and Sensory Friendly Spaces

We work to make our spaces accessible to all, including those with mobility needs or sensory sensitivities.

Find these spaces on maps of Parks Library under the "Places" tab.

When you select a category, purple highlighted areas will be shown on the map - select a specific floor to see the areas more clearly.

Accessible restrooms

These gender inclusive, single-stall restrooms are ADA compliant. They are located around the corner north of the central staircase on each floor of Parks Library.

ADA Restroom Interior View

Larger elevators

After you enter the library as you face the main desk, the elevators are in the back left (northwest) corner of the large area before the glass wall. View a map of elevator locations on the first floor.

Elevator under sign behind concrete column

Lower distraction spaces

Study rooms likely provide the least distraction, but if you can't book them we have lower distraction spaces along the east wall of all tiers (for example: map of tier 1). The Periodical Room may also provide lower distractions.


Seating and desks along east wall in a tier


Periodical Room

Periodical Room

Quiet, uncrowded spaces

In addition to study rooms, most of our classrooms when not in use are quiet and uncrowded. The periodical room on the 2nd floor is also known as a quieter room.

Our quiet and uncrowded spaces include:

  • Lower level: Computer Lab 32
  • Floor one: Classroom 198 and Computer Lab 134
  • Floor two: Periodical Room and rotunda
  • East wall of all tiers
  • Individual study rooms (Floor 2 and 3) and group study rooms (Floor 1 and 3)

Room 32 Computer Lab Lower Level

Computer Lab 32

Room 134 Computer Lab (Look for the Styx artwork) on the 1st Floor

Computer Lab 134

Brody chairs

Chairs with privacy screens and built-in desks are located throughout Parks Library on the floors one, two, three, and four.

Two chairs with privacy screens facing the north wall of LCC

Two Brody chairs facing north wall of LCC

Chair with privacy screen and desk in front of glass wall

Brody chair near glass wall on floor two

Natural light spaces

View a map of locations with natural light on floor one, floor two, floor three, and floor four.

  • Floor one: south wall, collaboration corridor, and in the LCC
  • Floor two: walkway across from central staircase and southeast wall
  • Floor three: south wall, and southeast corner
  • Floor four: southeast corner

1st Floor Main Entrance

1st Floor Collaboration Corridor

2nd Floor Walkway

2nd Floor Walkway