Quiet Areas

The Periodicals Reading Room on Floor 2 is a designated Quiet Zone for users requiring minimal noise. We ask in this space that you refrain completely from conversations. No group study is allowed in this room. The air handler in this room produces a fan noise. If this is bothersome, students can borrow noise-canceling headphones from Tech Lending.

The rest of the library is considered semi-quiet study area, with conversations allowed as long as voices are kept low. In general, high traffic areas, open areas with large study tables, and near the main stairwell all tend to be less quiet. 

Other quiet study spaces:

  • The Rotunda area on Floor 2, just outside of the Periodicals Reading Room, featuring large study tables. This space is generally quiet and conversation-free. As with the Periodical Room, the air handler produces white noise in this space.
  • Individual study rooms on Floors 2 and 3. Check availability and specific locations on the reservation page.
  • The tiers on the east side of Parks Library include open study carrels along the east walls of Tiers 1 through 7. The tiers tend to be quiet and conversation-free. The air handler on some tiers may produce a louder white noise. If this is bothersome, be sure to bring your over-ear headphones or borrow some noise-canceling headphones from Tech Lending.
  • Study carrels on the Lower Level and Floors 2 and 3, usually along the northwest walls. In general, these areas tend to be quiet and the study carrels may also provide lower distraction. Some are near open group study areas which may occasionally disrupt the quiet.

Though not a study space, you can also use the Mindfulness Room. This space is intended for a brief retreat from studying. We encourage visitors to relax and take a few moments to clear their minds.