Help others discover your research by sharing and preserving your data on DataShare, ISU’s open access data repository.  

You can share data associated with research, even if you’re not publishing a paper.

How we help

We review your data’s format, size, subject matter, and suitability for sharing before publication.

We provide

  • Open access to all of our datasets
  • Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) for each data set as well as data set collections
  • Help with data standardization, organization, and documentation
  • Review processes to screen data for sensitive, proprietary, and personally identifiable information
  • Referrals to other repositories if DataShare is not a good place for your data

Learn more about how DataShare works.

Data we accept

We can only accept data under certain conditions:

  • Research data must be associated with Iowa State University.
  • Your data must have documentation to help others understand and reuse it. We can help with this process.  

Creative works such as papers, posters, and artwork should be submitted to the ISU Digital Repository.

Get started

To start the process, submit a Data Set Disclosure.

You can email us at

You can call Megan O'Donnell, Research Data Services Lead, at 515-294-1670 with questions about the process.