A data management and sharing (DMS) plan is a document that explains how you will take care of your data - both during and after research. DMS plans are also called data management plans (DMP).

Data management and sharing plans describe

  • types and nature of the data used, gathered, or created
  • how you will manage, describe, analyze, and store those data
  • how you will share and preserve your data at the end of your project

A DMS plan is a required part of most federal grant applications. It is also a useful document for ensuring responsible data practices.

Writing a data management and sharing plan

Our guide on data management plans will walk you through the steps to write a plan:

  1. Identifying data
  2. Organizing data
  3. Documenting data
  4. Storing and securing data
  5. Preserving data
  6. Sharing data

DMPTool has templates for each federal agency, sample plans, and links to policies. You can log in with your ISU Net-ID and even submit a draft to the library for review and feedback.  

Consult with us

You may book a data management and sharing plan consultation with us to discuss:

  • agency requirements
  • data sharing
  • data management best practices
  • any other questions

To schedule a consultation, or for general questions, email datashare@iastate.edu.