You are responsible for giving us your current contact information, and for checking your email and library account and interlibrary loan account regularly.  

We send courtesy notices for overdue and lost items by email.  

If your net-ID changes, contact us immediately.

Overdue Items

You are responsible for returning your items by the due date.  

We charge overdue fees if another borrower recalls an ISU Library item, and it is not returned by the new due date. Recall fees are $4 per day.  

If you use Course Reserves items, you must use them in the library and return them on time. We charge hourly fees for overdue Course Reserves items. Course Reserves overdue fees are $2 each hour.  

The maximum overdue fee for each item is $40.

If you receive an overdue notice and believe you have returned the item, please contact us.

Lost Items

If you lose something you’ve checked out, you are responsible for paying the replacement cost and processing fee.  The replacement cost is vendor price or $75, whichever is lower. The processing fee is $15.

We call items “lost” when they are:

  • misplaced or lost by the borrower
  • damaged beyond repair
  • not returned a reasonable amount of time after the due date

If you know you've lost an item, please contact us. We will need your contact information, ISU ID or Visitor card number, and the title of the lost item.

Damaged Items

If an item is damaged when it is checked out to you, please let us know right away. Damaged ISU library items can sometimes be repaired. Do not attempt any repair yourself, as this might cause further damage. Repair fees start at $10. If an item is damaged beyond repair, it is treated as lost and billed to you.  

Paying fees

You can pay fines and fees on your U-Bill through the ISU Accounts Receivable office. The library can't take payment for fines and fees.

Returning Lost Items

If you return a lost item within one year and it is in good condition, we will credit the replacement cost to you. The processing fee is non-refundable.

Losing Your Borrowing Privileges

You will be unable to borrow or renew if an overdue item is requested by someone else on your account.

You will lose borrowing privileges when fines and fees are unpaid above a certain amount.

  • ISU students, employees (including retieers), visiting scholars, and affiliates: You lose privileges if your account has $150 or more in unpaid fines and fees.
  • Guests, alumni, and spouses, adult dependents: You lose privileges if your account has $50 or more in unpaid fines and fees.

You can restore your privileges by returning items. Reducing unpaid fines and fees below the limit will also restore privileges.

Abusing Borrowing Privileges

Your borrowing privileges may be changed or restricted in cases of abuse.