Research study rooms are available to individuals who frequently use library materials for research or other scholarly activity.

Who can reserve a research study room?

  • Faculty
  • Professional & Scientific (P&S) staff
  • Graduate students in the writing phase of their thesis or dissertation
  • Visiting scholars

How to Apply

Fill out an application to apply for a research study room. Visit the Parks Library Main Desk or email to get an application.

Graduate students will need their thesis or dissertation advisor to sign the application.

Due to limited space, we assign 2 people per room. If you want to share a room with a specific person, put their name on your application, and make sure they do the same.

Room Assignments

We will notify you via email with your room assignment. When you receive this email, visit the Main Desk in Parks Library to check out your key.

Room assignments are for the academic year. We will contact you during spring semester to renew your room. We may limit renewals if there is high demand.

Returning Keys

If you no longer need your room or graduate, please return your key to the Main Desk. If you do not return your key, we will bill your U-Bill for a replacement key.


  • Research study rooms are for users actively working on projects. They may not be used as a day-to-day office.
  • You can only use the room while the building is open.
  • Check out library materials you are using, even those you keep in your study room and do not take out of the building.
  • Don't add furniture without permission.
  • Keep your room tidy. Do not keep uncovered food or drink in the study rooms, as they can attract pests.
  • Take valuables with you. We are not responsible for personal items left in the room.
  • Electric heaters and extension cords are not allowed.
  • We inspect research study rooms throughout the year and re-shelve materials that are not checked out and throw away uncovered food and drinks.