Students can use their print credits to print from library computers, laptops, and even a phone or a tablet.

Printing in black and white uses 5 print credits per page. Printing in color uses 25 print credits per page.

Printing from a library computer

Students submit their document for printing from a library computer, and log in to Papercut when prompted using their Net-ID and password.

Guests can print a limited number of pages for free from guest computers only. Ask for login information at our Main Desk in Parks Library.


Printing from a personal device

Students using a personal device can use PaperCut Mobility Print to send jobs to networked printers in Parks Library or other campus facilities.

Before printing, look at the printer you expect to print to for a label starting with 'ISU-BW' or LIBRARY-FindMe. Both will only print documents after you go to the printer and login. Choose the matching label in Papercut when asked which printer you want to use.

Using FindMe printers

Hold your ISU Card next to this symbol on the printer to log in.

Students can print to either ISU-bw or LIBRARY-FindMe-color printers from any library computer or personal device using PaperCut Mobility Print.

To print your documents, go to a FindMe printer and login either by tapping your ISU Card on the reader or manually using your email address and password on the touchscreen.

All of your queued documents will begin printing after you log in, after you select ‘Print All’ or choose which documents to print.

You have up to 2 hours from when you submit your document to print it. Your document print job will be cancelled automatically if you don’t login to the FindMe printer to complete the printing. Print units are charged each time you print out a document.

Locating our printers

We have several color and black and white printers in Parks Library open areas, most of which can copy and scan as well

See our floorplans for exact color printer locations. Most printers are near computer workstations

The Design Reading Room and Veterinary Medical Library each have one black and white printer and one FindMe printer.


You can copy documents with our FindMe printers.

Copying in black and white uses 5 print credits per page. Copying in color uses 25 print credits per page.

To copy a document, you will need to log into the FindMe printers and select Access Device to see a menu option for Simple Copy.


We have 5 self-serve book scanners and several FindMe printers with scanning capabilities in Parks Library. They are available during all open hours and are free of charge to use.

To scan a document on a FindMe printer, you will need to log in and select Scan or Access Device to see a menu option for Simple Scan.

Anyone can use our book scanners for free to save digital copies to a flash drive or sent to an email for printing elsewhere.

When scanning a book, take care not to wrinkle or crumple pages. If a book is bound so that it resists being pressed flat, don't force it - settle for a less than perfect image of the page you are copying.

You can scan in color, grayscale, or black and white. Output formats include JPEG, PDF, and TIFF. The scanning area will accept items up to 17" by 24".

The Veterinary Medical Library and the Design Reading Room also have one book scanner each and one FindMe printer.

Report any problems with these scanners to the Main Desk or the appropriate location service desk.

Scanning microforms

The Maps, Media, and Microforms room is equipped with 2 digital scanners, allowing users to scan images from microfilm, microfiche, slides, or negatives.

The scanning itself is free of charge. Users can email scanned images or copy them to their own flash drives or CDs, also free of charge.

Students can also print to the printer by these digital scanners using print credits. Guests can request login information at the Main Desk to print a limited number of pages.

Other on-campus scanning options

The College of Design's Output Center (Room 426, College of Design) has wide-format scanning available. Call 515-294-1774 for more information.

The Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching (Room 0640, Lagomarcino Hall) has a scanner where you can email yourself scanned documents.