Room Number Listings

Parks Library rooms
Floor Room Number Department/Office
Lower Level 003 Family Friendly Room
Lower Level004Group Study Room
Lower Level 031 Library Classroom
Lower Level 032 Computer Lab
Lower Level 034 International Nest
First Floor101A-HGroup study rooms
First Floor 117 Tech Lending
First Floor 118 Library Receiving
First Floor 123A Storekeeper
First Floor 134 Library Classroom
First Floor 140 Reserve
First Floor 150 Library 160 and Subject Departments Office
First Floor 153 Library Conference Room
First Floor 184 Bookends Café
First Floor 188A Disabilities Workstation
First Floor 188B and 188D Workstations
First Floor 191 Fireplace Reading Room
First Floor 192 IT Solution Center
First Floor 198 Multi-Use Classroom
First Floor 199 The Catalyst
Second Floor 202 Collections Administration
Second Floor 203 Technical Services Administration
Second Floor 204 Business Services
Second Floor 204 Collections and Technical Services
Second Floor261-264Individual Study Rooms
Second Floor 281

Study Abroad Office

Second Floor 297

Mindfulness Room

Second Floor 298 Periodical Room
Third Floor 302 Dean of Library Services
Third Floor 302 Business Manager
Third Floor 304 Library Conference Room
Third Floor 306A-F Group Study Rooms
Third Floor361-364Individual Study Rooms
Fourth Floor 403 Special Collections & University Archives
Fourth Floor 405 Library Conference Room
Fourth Floor 441 Preservation