Printing, Copying, Scanning


Fee-based laser printing is available in all ISU Library facilities, via the campus-wide PaperCut system. Print jobs can be routed to either a networked laser printer or a networked photocopier. The general public may use a networked photocopier and pay with cash. For locations of printers and queue names for printing from your laptop, see Printing.

Printing to a networked laser printer

For a networked laser printer, the costs are charged to your university print subsidy (if applicable) or your University Bill. Charges are 5 cents per page for black & white, and 25 cents per page for color (when available).

The Parks Library's only networked color laser printer is in the Learning Connections Center (Floor 1, Parks Library).

Printing to a networked photocopier

If you wish to pay for laser printing with cash (coin or bill) or ISUCard (personal or departmental), you can send your print job to a networked photocopier. Charges are 20 cents per page for black & white (effective October 1, 2008). This option is currently available in the following locations:

  • Parks Library: All public PCs (on all floors and tiers) are networked to a single black-and-white photocopier in the Learning Connections Center on Floor 1.

For detailed instructions, see the handout entitled Copying and Printing to the LCC Networked Photocopier using Cash, CyCash or PaperCut

Laptop users

Laptop users can use PaperCut Web Print to send jobs to networked printers in Parks Library or the branch facilities. Web Print is accessible through the PaperCut user page:

For queue names for networked library printers see Printing.



East wall of the Learning Connections Center on Floor 1 of the Parks Library, close to the elevator that serves all floor and tiers. For more information, including costs, see Copiers.


Three self-serve scanners with user-friendly help screens are located on the first floor of Parks Library in the southwest corner of the Learning Connections Center (LCC). They are available during all open hours and are free of charge to use. A self-serve scanner is also located on the 3rd floor and in the Special Collections Reading Room. The Vet Med Library has one scanner and the Design Reading Room has two scanners. The Media Center has microfilm and negative scanners. For more information, see Scanners.