Computers and Computer Labs

Most of our computers are for student and researcher use.

We have several computers for guests at stand-up desks. These computers do not require a login.

Students and researchers can login to our sit-down computers

All computers have USB ports and disc drives.

For more information about our computers, see available software in the library and guidelines for the using library computers.

Computer labs

Any student or ISU researcher can use computers in the labs in Parks Library (Room 32 and Room 134), except when library instruction sessions are scheduled. Labs cannot be scheduled for non-library instruction.

  • 25 PCs and black and white printer in Room 32 Computer Lab on the Lower Level
  • 48 PCs and both color and black and white printers in Library Classroom 134 Parks on Floor 1

    Individual computers on Floor 1


    • 34 PCs and 12 Macs in the Lobby and Collaboration Corridor
    • 3 color printers: 1 by room 106 and 2 at the end of the stand-up desk computers; 6 black and white printers

    Learning Connections Center

    • 24 PCs with dual monitors and 12 Macs
    • 3 PCs at workspaces designed for collaboration.
    • Color printer and 2 black and white printers

    The Catalyst - 199 Parks

    • 3 PCs

    Individual computers on other floors and tiers

    Lower level

    • 4 PCs Lower Level Corridor North (printer in room 32)
    • 24 PCs and 2 Macs in the Media Center (printer in room)

    We have 4 printers on the lower level. One is in the computer lab in room 32 and 3 are in the Media Center including one color printer.

    Floor 2

    • 2 PCs in the Periodical Room 2 PCs
    • 2 Macs and 2 PCs in hallway near Periodical Room
    • 12 PCs in the bookshelf area

    We have two printers on Floor 2 in the bookshelf area.

    Floor 3

    • 10 PCs in the bookshelf area

    There is one black and white and one color printer for these PCs is in the bookshelf area.

      Floor 4

      • 2 PCs along glass wall by main stairs
      • 1 PC in the Special Collections main room

      The printer for these PCs is located along glass wall by main stairs.

        Other library locations

        Our other locations all have printers or photocopiers.

        • Veterinary Medical Library: 2 PCs, 1 black and white printer, 1 scanner
        • Design Reading Room: 5 PCs, 1 black and white printer, 2 scanners