Our librarians have curated databases, journals, books, and online materials in research and course guides.

You can add these guides directly to Canvas in two ways: auto-embed and manual embed.


When you choose auto-embed, you add ISU Library Resources to your course-level navigation menu. 

The ISU Library Resources page has resources relevant to your course:

  • research guide specific to your subject
  • course guide if there is one created for your course
  • subject-specific databases
  • subject librarian profile(s)
  • appointment scheduling tool for individual research consultations with a librarian

Adding the ISU Library Resources page

To add this page in Canvas

  1. Select Settings on your course menu and select the Navigation tab.
  2. Find ISU Library Resources in the list and select Enable.
  3. Select Save and you are done!

You cannot edit the page if you use this method. Contact your subject librarian if you want to add other resources to this page. 

Manual embed

When you manually embed, you can choose to add a guide or specific content from a guide to a page, module, or assignment in your Canvas course.

You need to know in advance which guide or page from a guide you want to embed. View our research, course, and information literacy guides to find relevant resources. 

Adding library resources manually

Let's say you want to add content from a plagiarism guide to your Canvas course page.

  1. Open the page editor, select Tools, select Apps and View All.  
  2. From the list of apps find ISU Library Research and Course Guides.
  3. On the next window, select Library Guides - instr.iastate.libguides.com.
  4. In the Content Type drop-down menu, you have 3 options
    • Full LibGuide
    • Single Page
    • Content Box
  5. Since we want to add specific content from a plagiarism guide, select Content Box.
  6. On the next drop-down menu find the Understanding Plagiarism: Information Literacy Guide.
  7. Select Guide's page and Box names in the last two drop-down menus.
  8. Select the Embed Content button and you are done.