Print Release stations available in Parks Library

Aug 21, 2020 · M. Monica Gillen

Introducing Print Release
It’s easy and will save students time and money. Mobile printing is now available in Parks Library at the Print Release station located inside the front door. This system offers users a better experience when printing papers and projects. With Print Release stations, users are able to print to the campus black-and-white queue from personal computers (laptops and desktops) and from public computers around campus like those in Parks Library. Print projects can also be sent from off campus by setting up a login at Once a print job is sent to the queue, it stays there until the sender arrives at the Print Release station in Parks Library to print the document.

Benefits of Print Release
Students will save money because print projects stay in the queue until they are printed, and unreleased documents expire after two hours. The UBill is only charged for what is actually printed.

The space around printers can get congested, and printed papers accumulate giving many people access to handle and search through them. Print Release stations are convenient and available on a first come, first served basis. The only person who touches the printed project is its owner.

The system is more secure because documents don’t print until the owner authorizes it at the Print Release station.

Cutting down on accidental or unnecessary prints and reducing wasted paper, Print Release has a positive impact on the environment.

Using Print Release
The user sends the document to the print queue from their computer. They arrive at the Parks Library Print Release station, and log into the system with a NetID and password.

From the Summary page, choose Jobs Pending Release.

Locate the document to be printed from the list and print.

For assistance or information, contact the Solution Center at 515-294-4000.

Additional resources:
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