Assistive Technology

Computer workstations with assistive technology software

The Library's Accessibility Resources room is located in Room 106. From the Library entrance, you'll find Room 106 to your left in the southwest corner of the building. There are two PC and two Mac workstations available.

In addition to the height-adjustable workstations found throughout the Library's front entrace area, the Media Center, located on the Lower Level of the Library, also has a number of wheelchair accessible PC workstations. The Media Center is accessible via the elevators located in the northwest corner of the main Lobby.


Kurzweil software is installed on all public workstations in Parks Library, and all laptops and tablets available for checkout at Tech Lending. Kurzweil is also available on workstations in the Accessibility Resources Room.

    Merlin LCD Magnifier

    The Library has added a Merlin LCD magnifier for low vision needs. The Merlin is very intuitive and easy to use. You can select viewing modes for adjusting contrast and brightness, magnification levels from 2.7 to 85x, color options for the LCD display, and many other flexible features. You can learn more about this screen on the EnhancedVision webpage about Merlin LCDs.

    Location:  Accessibility Resources Room, Room 106.

    Hand-held Magnifiers

    Hand-held magnifiers are available from Space and Stacks Management. Just come to the Library's Main Desk and ask for hand-held magnifiers there.

    Parks Libro Smart Assistant

    The Parks Libro smart assistant app provides a voice recognition interface to selected library services, including library catalog search services and information about library events. The Parks Libro webpage contains more information about this tool and links to where it can be downloaded.