ISU Departments can have their loose printed materials bound for a reduced rate through the binding provider the library uses.

HFGroup binds these materials when ISU departments buy them

  • Theses: $9.50 per copy
  • Journals, Serials (periodicals): $10 per copy
  • Books (monographs): $7.35 per copy

Current per volume prices apply to ISU departments only.

The department is responsible for preparing materials and dropping them off at the Parks Library mailroom in Parks Library. Materials are generally picked up once a month throughout the year.

The library is only a drop-off and pick-up point. All paperwork and packaging should be completed by the department before delivery to the library.

Ordering and shipping process

Departments must:

  1. Get a purchase order.
  2. Pack items by type in boxes (theses or books only in one box, journals only, or books only)
  3. Number the boxes.
  4. Enclose a binding form for each book or thesis (monographs) (PDF) or journal or serial (periodical) (PDF). You only need one form for each individual title.
    • Required information
      • Requestor / contact person in the department
      • Campus address
      • Department name
      • Campus phone number
      • Purchase order number
      • Exact text as it is to be printed on the spine and/or front cover
      • Cover text color (white, black or gold)
      • Cloth cover color with color number: see cloth cover color chart.
  5. Complete the bindery shipment record (PDF) and attach 3 copies to the outside of the first box and provide a copy to Bindery Prep, 450 Parks Library.
    • Required information
      • Name of contact person/requestor
      • Campus address, including department name
      • Campus phone number
      • Purchase order number
      • Total number of boxes being sent
      • Total number of pieces being sent
      • Type of binding being requested
  6. Check the drop-off dates and hand deliver the boxes to the University Library mailroom (located on the west side of the building across from Atanasoff Hall) on appropriate delivery days between the hours of 7:30 am- noon and 1 pm-3:30 pm

Once the bound volumes are returned to the library (approximately 4-8 weeks after drop-off), we will contact the requestor to arrange a time to pick up their materials at the Library.

The ISU Department will be invoiced directly by the bindery. For further assistance, please contact the Preservation department at 515-294-6348.

Drop-off dates

  • January 29
  • February 26
  • March 25

These dates are subject to change. Departments including items in the shipment should drop off materials for binding in Parks Library's mailroom (Floor 1) at least 5 days prior to the shipping dates listed.

Mailroom hours are 7:30am- noon and 1pm-3:30pm.

Contact Preservation Services at 515-294-6348 with any questions.

Student thesis binding

Iowa State University students and graduates can pay to have their theses or dissertations printed and bound through Thesis on Demand. The cost range for students is $30-$45, depending on number of pages, color prints, pockets, and foldouts.