Our buildings support the research, teaching, and learning needs of our campus community.  

We are committed to

  • creating an atmosphere to support study and research
  • protecting your rights.  
  • maintaining our collection for future generations of scholars

University and library policies as well as applicable civil laws help us achieve these goals. Violations, emergencies, and thefts should be reported to the Main Desk on the first floor of Parks in person or by phone at 515-294-3961.

Bicycles, skateboards, and scooters

Motorized or non-motorized bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or skates are not allowed in the library or the ramps, steps, or overhang in front of Parks. This is a policy set by the Board of Regents (PDF) and it applies to all campus buildings.  

Baby strollers, wheelchairs, and other medical assistive devices are allowed.  


Computers are intended for schoolwork and research. You must follow the ISU Code of Computer Ethics and Acceptable Use. Sexually explicit material is not allowed on our computers as it violates ISU's Discrimination and Harassment policy.

Crime or harassment

Report theft, harassment, vandalism, and crimes to the Main Desk on the first floor.  

Staff at any Parks Library service desk, including the Main Desk, can help you contact the ISU Department of Public Safety.

Damage to library buildings and materials

University-wide policies about damage, defacement, and vandalism to property includes library materials and property.

Displaying flyers, announcements, or posters

There are three bulletin boards reserved for information that describe ISU-related events and services located between the women’s and men’s restrooms on Floors 1, 2, and 3. You cannot post materials to the boards yourself. Bring posters for approval to Room 302 and we will let you know within 72 hours if it has been posted. See full rules for displaying materials.


In case of a fire alarm or tornado warning, please follow instructions from the public address speaker for instructions about evacuating or taking shelter.

For medical emergencies, call 911. If using a cell phone, you must say you are calling from Parks Library on the ISU campus. Staff at the Main Desk can help with accidents, emergencies, and disturbances in the building.

Filming or photos

Requests to film or take photographs can be addressed to the Library Communications team, mreicks@iastate.edu.

Food and drink

You may eat in most areas in the library

  • You may not eat on Floor 4, in classrooms, and in computer labs.
  • Drinks should be in covered, spill-proof containers.  
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Special Collections Reading Room on Floor 4.
  • Don't eat or drink while reading library materials. Food attracts paper-eating insects, and spills cause permanent stains as well as encouraging the growth of mold.
  • Help us keep our buildings clean! Report spills to the main desk, clean up food crumbs, and place all trash in trash cans.

Lost and found  

Lost and found items can be turned in at the Main Desk. We keep most items for 2 weeks. After that they are sent to ISU Lost and Found.

At closing time, we will

  • throw out toiletries, items with a smell, and containers with food
  • empty water bottles and mugs


We are committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and inviting environment that meets the academic needs of a wide variety of people. Help use manage our shared space by following these rules:

  • Keep your volume reasonable when talking or taking phone calls.
  • Use headphones, earbuds, or captions when playing audio to keep the volume reasonable.  
  • Work together at large tables and in study rooms but remember that study rooms are not soundproof.
  • The Reading Room on Floor 2 is designated Quiet Zone – go somewhere else to talk.  

You can request earplugs from the Main Desk and students can check out normal and noise-cancelling headphones from Tech Lending.  

Learn more about quieter areas in the library.

Public Address (PA) System

We only use the PA system to announce the closing of the building and emergency situations such as tornado watches and warnings. We do not use the PA system to summon or locate people.

If there is an emergency call the Department of Public Safety's Police Division at 515-294-4428. They will review your request and decide if emergency use of the library PA system is necessary.  

Soliciting, Assembling, Distributing, and Tabling

The library is a solicitation free zone. No one can solicit or distribute flyers and other literature, or set up a table in the library, including under the overhang and on the steps and ramp into Parks Library.

Groups cannot assemble in the library, except for pre-approved events that follow University rules for indoor events.


You may not use tobacco in any form in the library. This includes chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, and vape pens. Smoking is prohibited on the entire grounds of Iowa State University.