Food, Beverage and Tobacco

Consumption of food is allowed in most of the Library's public areas, except for the entire fourth floor and the classrooms and computer labs (Rooms 31, 32, and 134). Beverages are allowed in covered, spill-proof containers throughout the library building, except in the Special Collections Reading Room.  Use of tobacco in any form (including chewing tobacco), including the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes or vape pens), is prohibited in all ISU Library facilities. Smoking is likewise prohibited on the entire grounds of Iowa State University.

Enforcement of the Library's food, beverage, and tobacco policy ensures a clean study and work environment for users and staff, aids in the preservation and care of collections, and maintains a pest-free building. Food and spilled beverages attract insects and can cause damage to library materials. E-cigarettes emit vapors which are harmful to the collections.  Smoking presents a dangerous fire hazard and is prohibited by state law across the entire campus.

Please be courteous and report spills, clean-up crumbs, and place all trash in trash cans.