Access Services

Department Head: Dawn Mick, Librarian II,130A Parks Library, 515-294-0728

Units: Circulation and Media; Course Reserves; Monograph Acquisitions; Resource Sharing; Night Supervisors

Physical Locations: Parks Library, Veterinary Medicine Library, Design Reading Room

The Access Services department buys, borrows, and lends materials to Iowa State University community members and other libraries worldwide.

Circulation and Media

Circulation Supervisor: Angie Brown 130A Parks Library, 515-294-0448

Unit phone: 515-294-3961

Responsibilities: See the Circulation and Media services page

Monograph Acquisitions

Monograph Acquisitions Supervisor: Steph Scherbart, 204 Parks Library, 515-294-5078

Unit phone: 515-294-7511

Responsibilities: The primary focus of this unit is to order and receives monographic titles in a variety of formats. Staff claims or resubmits unfulfilled orders, monitors and processes library approval plan items, and processes monographic gifts.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan Supervisor: Anders Runestad, 204 Parks Library, 515-294-2345

Unit Phone: 515-294-8073

Responsibilities:  The primary focus of this unit is to provide ISU students, faculty, staff, Associates, and Library Visitor Cardholders access to materials that are not available in the ISU Library collections. Resource Sharing staff also provide copies and loans of Iowa State University Library materials to other libraries worldwide through its lending service, and supplies ISU library materials to individuals and organizations without libraries through its Document Delivery Service (DDS).

Night Supervisors

Student Supervisor: Joey Bergstrand, Parks Library Main Desk, 515-294-4716

Unit Phone: 515-294-4716

Responsibilities: The primary focus of this unit is to supervise Main Desk student employees, and to provide circulation and building security services to the ISU community during the evening and weekend hours.