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Tech Lending Program

Reserve a laptop, iPad, Camera, Sound Systems, and other equipment at

The ISU Library equipment is for use by ISU students currently taking classes. You must have a valid physical government, ISU ID, or GET App to check out the library equipment. Equipment in the Tech Lending Program is funded by CASTLE and Student Government.

Contact Information

Location: 101-F Parks Library

Chat: Tech Lending Chat

Phone: 515-294-1564


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Category Check-Out Period Extensions allowed Not Returned Processing Fee
funded by CASTLE
7 days 1 $100.00
funded by CASTLE
7 days 1 $100.00
Graphics Tablets**
funded by CASTLE
7 days 1 $100.00
Power Bank, Charger/Power Adapters, Calculators, Adapters/Cables, Computer Accessories, Electronic Kits, Amazon Echo, Portable Monitor, Hotspot
funded by CASTLE
7 days 1 $25.00


funded by CASTLE

24 hrs1$25.00
Camera, Projectors, Projector Screen**
funded by Student Government
7 days 1 $100.00
Camera Flash, Camera Microphone, Tripods, Recording Audio, Smartphone Accessories, USB Presentation Remote
funded by Student Government
7 days 1 $25.00
Camera Lens
funded by Student Government
7 days 1 $25.00 or $100.00*
Sound System & Sound System Accessories**
funded by Student Government
5 days 0 $25.00 or $100.00*

*Processing Fee will be based on replacement cost. If the replacement  cost is greater than $500 the fee will be $100.00

**Restricted to one item at a time.


Reserving Equipment

  • Library equipment must be reserved on our website,
  • You will have to sign in through Okta and consent to Tech Lending’s terms and conditions, acknowledging your responsibilities regarding damage, theft, and late returns.
  • Once you receive confirmation that your reservation is ready via email or text, you may pick up reserved items at the Tech Lending Room (101-F Parks Library, located just west of the Main Desk in the lobby).
  • No-show reservations will be canceled after 24 hours of the reservation date.
  • Patrons can only check out one laptop or one iPad at a time. If a patron wants to get one item while they have another checked out, they must return the item currently checked out and wait the 48-hour waiting period. Tech Lending does not swap between laptops and iPads.

Picking up Equipment

  • Allow at least five minutes for Tech Lending staff to check the equipment as they will need to confirm all items are included with the equipment and that they are in working condition.
  • Have physical ISU ID, GET App, or government ID ready to show the Tech Lending desk attendant.
  • Confirm with the attendant what items you are picking up.
  • Once you receive the items inspect them for damage or missing items and let the attendant be aware of anything you find.
  • The desk attendant can help with basic equipment instruction. If you have any other questions, you may contact Library Support at


  • Most Tech Lending equipment can be extended one additional rental period (See chart above). This can be granted once per rental. For extensions, contact Tech Lending or 515-294-1564.
  • Headphones can only be extended for one extra day. Sound systems and sound system accessories cannot be extended.
  • Patrons can only receive extensions up to three days before the due date.
  • If the equipment rental is overdue, an extension will not be granted.

Returning Equipment

  • Equipment must be returned before Tech Lending closes on your due date.
  • Return all items to the Tech Lending Room (101f)
    • Library equipment can be neither placed in the library book drop nor left at the main desk. This ensures the equipment will be checked in properly and the borrower will not incur any penalties for not returning it.
  • Allow at least five minutes for library staff to check the equipment as they will need to confirm receipt of all items included with the equipment and that the pieces are in working condition.
    • Returning equipment without accessories will result in being charged for replacing the missing items, plus a $25/$100 processing fee.
  • Borrowers should note the due date and ensure the secure and prompt return of all items.
  • Borrowers must wait two (2) days between bookings within a category. This is to ensure all students have equal access to equipment.

Student Data

Tech Lending equipment should only be used for academic purposes. Keep in mind, after the laptops and iPads are returned, any documents that have been saved to them will be permanently erased. MacBooks and Dells have DeepFreeze installed on them. When the laptop restarts or crashes, all user data will be wiped from the device. The University Library is not responsible for any lost data or documents. The borrower is responsible for saving files to cloud storage (CyBox), a USB flash drive, or another memory device. Borrowers may sync additional data and applications, with the understanding that all data added by the borrower will be erased when the laptop or iPad is wiped and reset upon return. Any additional applications, media, or software purchased by the borrower during the loan period must be done with the borrower's own money and is not the responsibility of the University Library.

Damages, Loss, or Theft

Damage to, loss, or theft of loaned equipment during the borrowing period is the sole responsibility of the borrower. Users should not borrow equipment for use by any other student or individual. Borrowers will be assessed fees for damage on an individual basis based on multiple factors that include the extent of the damage and whether the equipment is under warranty. Damage costs assessed to a user must be paid and borrowing privileges from the University Library are suspended until the fee is settled. If the equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, your U-Bill will be charged for the full replacement cost of any equipment involved.

Late Returns & Bans

  • All equipment loans are due back before Tech Lending closes on the due date that you selected.
  • Once an item is late, you will start receiving emails and text messages reminding you to return the item.
  • Late items cannot be extended.

Days Late

Ban Length (in business days)

2 days late

1 week

3 days late

2 weeks

4 days late

4 weeks

5 days late

Semester Ban*

2nd offense of 2 – 4 days late

Semester Ban

2nd offense of 5 days late

Permanently banned

*Patron must submit 5-day late ban appeal and pay fines before rental privileges may be restored the following semester.

  • Once the equipment is 5 days late it will be marked as lost/stolen & remotely locked, you will be charged the full replacement fee. When the equipment is returned, a portion will remain on your account as an "Equipment Processing Fee," this is non-refundable, and you will be sent the 5 Day Late form to fill out.
    • Each month late, 5% of the replacement fee will become non-refundable.
    • If you receive an overdue notice, contact

The following violations may result in semester suspension of the borrower’s equipment loan privileges:

  • Returning library technology equipment through the library book drop.
  • Equipment left unattended or abandoned in or outside of the library.
  • Loss/theft of equipment not reported immediately to library staff.
  • Damaged equipment was not immediately returned to Tech Lending for TechCyte repair. Repairs and replacements can only be authorized by Tech Lending staff.
  • Library equipment returned five or more days past due.
  • Checking out Equipment for other students to use.
  • Violating the equipment loan agreement.

Professors and Large Events

Professors needing equipment for their events should reach out to CTS ( or to their department. Having students check out items for them puts the responsibility solely on the student.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows = Windows 11
  • Macbooks = macOS Monterey 12

Updated 6/14/2022.

Contact Information

Location: 101-F Parks Library

Chat: Tech Lending Chat

Phone: 515-294-1564


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