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Powerful PCs available to reserve in The Catalyst

Author: Michael Cummings


High-performance PCs in The Catalyst

The Catalyst staff is excited to announce that three high-performance PCs, equipped with specialized software for a wide range of academic and creative pursuits, are available to reserve in Room 199 in Parks Library.

Whether you're a student working on a complex design project, a faculty member conducting intricate simulations, or anyone in need of advanced computing capabilities, these PCs are here to elevate your work to new heights. We look forward to seeing the incredible projects that will emerge from The Catalyst's new computing resources. 

Key features of the high-powered PCs: 

  • Each PC boasts high-speed processors that will produce exceptional performance and ample RAM to handle resource-intense tasks with ease. 
  • Specialized software: From graphic design tools to statistical analysis software, the suite of applications is curated to cater to diverse academic disciplines. Learn more about the software available on our PCs here.  

Reserve your time: 

  • Booking a session with these high-powered PCs is quick and easy. Visit our reservation webpage and select your preferred time slot. The machines are color-coded: blue, green, and red.

Questions about the PCs or about making a reservation? Email Michael Cummings.