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Tracing Race project receives second round of funding

Author: Erin Ridnour

Mansi Patel

The ISU Library Digital Scholarship and Initiatives Department and the Tracing Race at ISU Advisory Group announce funding for a second phase of a previously selected project. Project lead Mansi Patel, graduate student in Information Systems, will expand her project Exploring the Journey of Asian Women in STEM at ISU by creating interactive visualizations of the transcripts from oral histories she conducted in summer 2023.

Patel will use the open-source framework Oral History as Data (OHD) to provide users with new ways to explore the collection of oral history interviews including browsing the transcripts by common themes and navigating the videos by tagged subjects. According to Patel, she is employing Oral History as Data (OHD) to enhance these narratives to transform these inspiring stories into a digital space accessible to all, allowing the unique experiences of Asian women faculty in STEM to shine brightly and bring depth and authenticity to these valuable narratives.” Patel anticipates completing this new phase of her project in May.