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Tracing Race project explores experiences of Asian women faculty in STEM

Author: Michael Cummings

Mansi Patel

The Digital Scholarship and Initiatives Department is excited to announce the launch of a new project as part of the Tracing Race at ISU initiative: Exploring the Journey of Asian Women in STEM at ISU. Over the course of Summer 2023, Project lead Mansi Patel, graduate student in Information Systems, “embarked on a quest to unveil the narratives, challenges, and triumphs of Asian women faculty members in STEM fields at Iowa State University.” The result is a multi-media website highlighting a series of six oral history interviews with Iowa State faculty members in a variety of STEM disciplines, outlining the paths they took to get to where they are today, and the research that drives their work.  

Tracing Race at ISU digital project proposals are sought that reveal the under-documented history of accomplishment and experience of people of color and engage with the history of race at Iowa State. Proposals will be accepted until Nov. 3, 2023.

For more information, visit the Tracing Race website or contact Michael Cummings, Digital Scholarship Librarian.