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Tech Lending supplies students with vital technology tools

Top nine of 2022 graphic.Since 2017, the University Library has provided students with technology that is vital to their success in receiving an exceptional education. From projectors and microphones to laptops and tablets, Tech Lending makes over 1,100 different pieces of technology and various accessories available to students, equipping them with tools to succeed in a digitally connected world.

To date in 2022, Tech Lending has logged 8,302 bookings for 3,387 students. The most popular items are listed.

To reserve technology today, visit the Tech Lending website.

Top computer/tablet items booked:

  1. iPads (1,630)
  2. Latitude 7490 (829)
  3. MacBook Pro 13-inch 256GB (756)
  4. Latitude 7400 (383)
  5. Latitude 5410 (358)
  6. MacBook Pro 13-inch 512SSD (314)
  7. Latitude 7420 (205)
  8. MacBook Air 512GB (99)
  9. MacBook Air i5 (55)

Top technology accessory items booked:

  1. Charger/power adapters (1412)
  2. Calculators (583)
  3. Adapters/cables (531)
  4. Headphones and headsets (379)
  5. Computer accessories (252)
  6. iPad/iPhone accessories (131)
  7. Hotspot (110)/Portable monitor (110)
  8. Power bank (62)
  9. Graphics tablet (46)

Tech Lending really takes the borrowing concept to a new level. Preparing for a presentation? We’ll supply the tools to help you draw in your audience and deliver your message. Trying your hand at photography? Tech Lending will outfit you with state-of-the-art tools to help you take fascinating images. Running an event? Engage your attendees with professional technology that will ensure success.

Showcase your skills as an artist with a graphics tablet. Learn to program with Python or many other languages with an electronic kit from Tech Lending. Get engaged with your math and science calculations. Musicians and vocalists produce studio-quality tracks with a Zoom H4N Pro portable recorder. The possibilities are endless. Visit Tech Lending online or in person in Parks Library.