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Snapshot: Innovation Location

Author: Jeffrey Kushkowski

 My charge was clear: Highlight the library’s collections about entrepreneurship and innovation in one, easy-to-access location. 

The challenge: the library has a robust collection of such books totaling more than 13,000 titles. Clearly, not all would fit in the cozy Fireplace Reading Room. My subject librarian colleagues provided a broad range of titles from their collecting areas, including biographies, books about inventions, and technology transfer. I contacted colleagues who coordinate entrepreneurship programs across campus and asked them to send me a picture of their bookshelves. From those pictures and recommendations I compiled an impressive list of titles about innovation, design thinking, and business startups.  

The selected print and e-book titles represent some of the most compelling books about innovation and entrepreneurship in the University Library’s collection. A companion Innovation Bookshelf guide provides access to related books by topic and includes predefined searches for specific titles in every college further tailoring lists for various users.  

Innovation Bookshelf Library Guide

Questions, comments, and book suggestions can be directed to Jeffrey Kushkowski, business and economics librarian,, 515-294-2408. Find more details at: