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Library champions ISCORE with multiple presentations

Hilary Seo
Hilary Seo, library dean

The Iowa State University Library served as one of three ISCORE Champions at the 24th Thomas L. Hill Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity (ISCORE), held Feb. 28-29, 2024. The University Library remains dedicated to Iowa State University’s commitments of fostering a welcoming environment, providing full access and opportunity, and promoting a sense of belonging.  As an ISCORE Champion, Library Dean Hilary Seo gave welcome remarks at the Preconference. The library leads by example to further the university’s aspiration to be the most student-centric leading research university.
Librarians and staff from Digital Scholarship and Initiatives and Special Collections and University Archives, along with students and members of the community, made valuable contributions with presentations during both days of the conference:

Preconference, Feb. 28
Megan O’Donnell, “People are Messy and So is Data: A Conversation on the Complexities of Representation in Data.” 

Conference, Feb. 29
Harrison W. Inefuku, “’Little Chinese Lady in Court’: The Impact of U.S. Policy on Territorial Hawai’i's Asian Population through a Familial Lens.” 
Erin Ridnour and Mansi Patel. “Exploring the Journey of Asian Women in STEM at ISU: A Tracing Race at ISU Oral History Project.” 
Greg Bailey, Rosalie Gartner, Amy Bishop, and Rebecca Wells. “Collaborative and Inclusive Archives: Where Do You Fit?”  
Gloria Betcher and Margaret Wolfe, “The Tracing Race at ISU Initiative: Community Support for Black Students at Iowa State before 1950.” 
ISCORE materials including programs and presentations by faculty, staff and students from past events are published and accessible to all on the ISU Digital Press.  

2024 University Library ISCORE presenters

2024 Library ISCORE presenters