Crop Protection Compendium database updated

Mar 08, 2023 · Anita Kay

In November 2022, the Crop Protection Compendium (CPC) was combined with CABI’s other compendiums into a single resource, which they are calling CABI Compendium. For the near future, the CPC will continue to be listed in our Article Indexes & Databases page. However, this will go away eventually, and it will just be listed as CABI Compendium. Update any bookmarks and/or content for your courses to reflect these changes. This has expanded the availability of resources that CABI provides.

CABI Compendium includes many resources such as:

  • Books
  • CABI Reviews
  • Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria
  • Distribution Maps of Plant pests
  • Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases
  • Tourism Cases
  • agriRxiv
  • searchRxiv
  • PlantwisePlus Knowledge Bank

For information, visit the CABI Compendium accessed through the ISU Library.