Off-Campus Access

For off-campus access to electronic journals, article indexes and databases and other resources you will need:

  • Either
  • Turn off your VPN connection to campus, if you are using one

How it works:

If you are off-campus when you click on a link on a Library page to a restricted resource, the library proxy server will present a page asking you to log in.  Two options are available: (1) Login with your Iowa State University Net-ID, or (2) login with the last 11 digits of your ISUCard or Visitor Card, plus your Library password. (Set your Library password)

The request is routed through the library proxy server, sending the proxy server's on-campus IP address to the vendor website and authenticating the user as someone at Iowa State University. This will not happen if you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The proxy server will ask you to log in only once while your browser remains open. If you try to access another resource during the same session, you do not have to log in again.

Some databases are restricted to on-campus use only.

Get It @ ISU

The Get It @ ISU button will help connect you to electronic full-text of an article, or help you check if we have the paper version of the journal in the library.

Common problems

  1. Are you using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to campus? If so, you won't see the proxy server log in. Turn the VPN off, as it causes your computer to bypass the library proxy server and send your own non-ISU-affiliated IP address to the vendor.
  2. Can't see the Quick Search box? You may have a firewall blocking the ports Quick Search uses (ports 1701 and 8991). Call the ISU Solution Center at 515 294-4000 for help.
  3. Can you access the journal you want but not a particular article? Please check the Library's Journals A-Z list. Search for the name of your journal (not the article) to find which years & issues the ISU Library actually owns.
  4. If you have problems logging in with your 11-digit ID: Have you had to replace your ISUCard? If so, the last two digits have changed. You will need to use the new digits.
  5. For other problems, please call 515 294-3961.

Groups with remote access rights

  1. ISU student (currently enrolled)
  2. ISU faculty/staff (currently on ISU payroll)
  3. Retired ISU faculty/staff
  4. Visiting faculty/scholars (affiliated with an ISU dept./office)
  5. Affiliated staff and departmental collaborators (not on ISU payroll)



Distance Learning students, please visit this guide for more information: Distance Learning Library Support