Laptop checkout

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Questions? contact Tech Lending, 117 Parks, phone 515 294-1564, email

Who can borrow?

The ISU Library equipment is for the use of currently registered ISU students and staff.  No one without a valid ISU Net ID can check out the library equipment.

Borrowing the Equipment

The library has Apple and Windows laptops (over one-hundred in inventory), iPads, Apple Pencils, and iPad chargers available for check out.

Library equipment may be checked out from the Tech Lending room (117 Parks, phone 515 294-1564, email, located just west of the Circulation Desk in the library lobby. In addition to the regular checkout process, you will also need to sign an equipment check-out agreement form, acknowledging your responsibilities regarding damage, theft and late return, as well as the terms and conditions for checkout. (See below Use of equipment)

Most equipment may be checked out for a week.  The week-long laptops must be returned no later than 11:59pm on the due date or they will incur a $50/day fine.  One-day use laptops are also available and cannot stay in your possession overnight.  The one-day equipment may be checked out up to 1 hour prior to the library’s close. You may only check out one laptop or iPad at a time.

Laptops and iPads are equipped with the same software as the workstations in the library, standard office applications (word processing, spreadsheet, etc.).  They do have wireless connections so that you have access to important internet tools, such as Blackboard, Top Hat, etc. With the laptop, you will receive a power cord and a case. iPad chargers and Apple pencils can be requested separately.

The desk attendant can help with basic equipment instruction. If you have any other questions, you may ask the IT services staff at the Solution Center, located in the lobby of Parks Library, east of Bookend and the Fireplace Reading Room.

Use of equipment

It is expected that laptops and iPads will only be used for academic purposes.  Keep in mind, after the laptops and iPads are rebooted, any documents that have been saved to them will be permanently erased.  Be sure to save any work to a storage device or email it to yourself. Borrowers may not alter, delete, or copy any software loaded on the laptop or iPad, nor may they change its existing configurations.  The borrower is responsible for any software downloads that damage the existing configurations or introduce viruses to the system.

Please report any computer malfunctions to desk attendants when the laptop is returned.

Returning the equipment

Equipment must be returned to the Tech Lending desk anytime during open hours.   After hours, equipment may be returned to the Circulation Desk. Borrowers must wait until a desk attendant checks the equipment before they can leave the desk.   At that time the equipment will be rebooted and checked for functionality.  Equipment must not be dropped in the library book-drop, nor be left at the main desk without handing it to a library desk attendant.   This will insure the equipment will be checked in and the borrower will not incur any penalties for not returning it.

Late returns & lost equipment

Late fees of $50 per day will be assessed for equipment returned past the due date with a maximum of $500.00. There is NO grace period for equipment that is returned late. If equipment is lost or stolen, your U-Bill will be charged for the full replacement cost of any equipment involved.