Parks Library Bathroom Renovation Project

Coming fall 2019

Parks Library forges ahead with bathroom renovation, replacing second set of restrooms with modern, ADA-compliant facilities 

Phase 2 of the renovation plan will get underway soon and continue through mid-August. Last fall, the first bank of 57-year old restrooms were replaced with modern, gender and family inclusive facilities. The project includes 14 restrooms on all levels of the library. Construction is planned to begin mid-May. 

Parks Library is one of the most heavily used buildings on the Iowa State campus, with 12,000+ students visiting every day. The library will be on the growing list of buildings with accommodating and inclusive washrooms. 

Be sure to visit this site periodically, as updates will be posted throughout the renovation. 



Below are photos from last year's renovation. Upcoming construction will update additional restrooms across the library. 



Will Parks Library remain open during the restroom renovation? 

Yes, Parks Library's hours will remain the same throughout the renovation this summer. 

When will the project start and finish? 

The project will begin mid-May and finish mid-August. 

Will there be noise around the construction area? 

Yes, the noise from the first floor may travel throughout the library, but we will have free ear plugs available for your convience. 


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