Outlets and Wireless

Electrical Outlets

Many carrels in the Parks Library are equipped with electrical outlets suitable for laptop computers. These include:

  • Most carrels along the west wall on Lower Level, and on Floors 2, 3, and 4.
  • Most carrels along the east wall on Tiers 1-7. In the tier carrels, the electrical outlet is built into the lamp that is under the carrel shelf.

Tables with built-in (or "pop-up") electrical outlets can also be found in numerous locations, including:

  • Learning Connections Center (Floor 1)
  • Bookends Reading Room (Floor 1)
  • North end of the Periodical Room (Floor 2)
  • Study space west of the Dean's Office (Floor 3)

Users are also welcome to plug laptops into selected wall outlets next to study tables elsewhere in the Library, but are prohibited from running electrical cords across aisles and walkways.

Wireless Access Points

Wireless network access points have been installed and activated throughout the library building. Wireless access is also available in the Design Reading Room, the Veterinary Medical Library, and the Library Storage Building.

For other campus locations that currently support wireless networking, check the Central Campus Map.

For more information about registering your wireless device on campus, see the Register Your Wireless Device to Access the Iowa State Network webpage maintained by ISU Information Technology Services.