Hilary Seo selected for ARL Leadership Fellows program

Dec 06, 2017

Hilary Seo has been selected for the ARL (Association of Research Libraries) Leadership Fellows program. The 2018-19 group is made up of 30 individuals from the United States and Canada, and participation in the program is designed to develop senior-level leaders in ARL institutions.

Seo, associate dean for curation services and associate professor in the University Library, will have the opportunity to explore a personal/professional area of interest in a group setting with other future library leaders. Participants will construct a learning plan, have access to mentors and attend focused weeklong institutes at sponsor libraries, University of Florida, The George Washington University and the University of Iowa.

“I hope that exposure to new things peer institutions are pursuing, diverse higher education perspectives, and campus dynamics will broaden my understanding and improve my ability to support the future direction of our library as an advocate and leader,” Seo said. “The climate on campuses changes with its leadership, and being able to fit into the broader university conversations and effectively represent the library during difficult times and times of growth are imperative for our library to be continuously recognized as a key partner in the success of the university.”

The seventh group selected for the program, 2018-19 Fellows will contribute ideas and feedback to allow for the enhancement of activities for future cohorts. Program activities begin in February and culminate at the April 2019 Association Meeting.

Hilary Seo, 441 Parks Library, 515-294-3540
M. Monica Gillen, communications specialist, 302 Parks Library, 515-294-1442

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