Friday, April 6, watch out for the construction crane in the Parks Library dock area.

Oct 25, 2017

Parks Library is getting a new roof. As the construction process continues, on Thursday, April 5, a crane will be set up likely for the last time along the west side of the building and the street will be blocked off and vehicle traffic prohibited beyond the Snedecor/Atanasoff parking lot. The sidewalk immediately west of the building will also be blocked off. To approach the building from the north, there will be sidewalk access on the west side of the street next to Atanasoff, and clear passage to the rear entrance from the west.

Use the front doors to enter and exit the building under normal conditions during these events. Passersby and building occupants should be conscious of the surroundings and are reminded, DO NOT disregard any barriers or warnings in place and are encouraged to avoid the area entirely. 

Contact Building Supervisor Tom Finestead with questions.