Digital Scholarship and Initiatives launches DSI Update blog

Aug 23, 2017

Digital Scholarship and Initiatives (DSI), a University Library department formed in 2016, brought together Digital Initiatives and the Digital Repository (now Scholarly Publishing Services). DSI Update is a new blog that provides information about activities in the department, which supports learning and research by facilitating access to digital materials that represent the cultural, creative and scholarly activities of Iowa State University.

The blog covers topics in DSI and provides links to related resources and information about the department, the Digital Initiatives Program and Scholarly Publishing Services. Recent posts include the project launch of the Hortense Butler Heywood Collection, Horsepower at Iowa State, and an introduction of AvIAn project team members.

Visit and follow DSI Update and stay up to date on all things Digital Scholarship and Initiatives, including milestones and new collections at the Iowa State University Library.

For information, contact Lindsey Hillgartner.