Three reasons to make DataShare part of your 2021 plan

Jan 13, 2021 · Megan O’Donnell

DataShare is Iowa State University’s open access repository for sharing, publishing, and archiving research data and is jointly funded by the University Library, Office of the Vice President for Research, and Information Technology.

Here are three reasons to make DataShare part of your plan for 2021:

1. We make it easy. 

We’ve spent the last two years streamlining the submission and review process to make it as easy as possible for you to share your data on DataShare. Librarians provide assistance and training and we have templates for the most common documentation files needed to make data FAIR.   

2. Your data deserves it. 

Publishing data on with DataShare means undergoing a 2-part review: a disclosure review to make sure the data can and should be shared, and a curation review to check file types, formatting, consistency, documentation, and more. All of this is done to make sure your data is in tip-top shape for sharing and archiving - no typos or missing files.

3. We’re pros.  

We’re geeks and nerds about this stuff. We know the standards, policies, and best practices so you don’t have to. DataShare has data set versioning, assigns a DOI upon publication, supports peer review, and much more. Whether your data is a pair of spreadsheets, hundreds of images, or a set of analytical code, we hope you’ll work DataShare into your 2021 plan.

For additional information please visit or contact Megan O’Donnell.