For fun: Open Access memes

Oct 14, 2020 · Katie Wampole

Open Access Week 2020 is upon us. This year has brought a lot of changes and innovation.

Open initiatives continue to be a priority for the library. Enjoy this carefully curated selection of Open Access and data related memes; you may even learn something.

Need a place to store your data?  

The University Library data repository is DataShare.  It’s an Open Access repository for sharing, publishing, and archiving research data created by Iowa State University scholars and researchers. To initiate the request to use the repository, contact the library.  

Most excellent.

The ISU Library has been using DataShare as its data repository since 2018. One of the most popular datasets has 3,743 downloads which impresses even Bill and Ted. DataShare is a great way to share data and increase visibility for your research. 

Do you understand the terms and conditions? 

Mama RuPaul knows it is important to read through compliance measures. After contacting the library, you will be prompted to fill out a data disclosure form that collects information about your type(s) of data. The form is reviewed by various campus offices to make sure that it complies with data sharing practices. You'll be notified once the disclosure form is processed.  

Librarians are here to help.

DataShare can be intimidating if you have never used it before. Research data librarians are here to answer questions about the repository and help you get started. We will work with you to create a DataShare account and help with the publishing process. Email  

Really. Please share with us.  

Take a cue from Karl Urban in Thor: Ragnarök and be proud of your work. Research data librarians are familiar with different kinds of file types and research areas— will review anything you want to share. Even if you aren’t confident in your file organization or format, don’t be shy. When you contact us, you'll receive helpful feedback.

Cher says you should share.  

Cher’s music career has spanned several decades and your data can have longevity when you publish on DataShare. The University Library recently hired a new digital preservation librarian, Tammy Troupe, who will work with Research Data Services to further implement best practices to make sure data can continue to be accessible.