Library acquisitions affected by rising journal costs and budget constraints.

Apr 10, 2018 · Curtis Brundy and Ed Goedeken

For the past century, the Iowa State University Library has periodically faced challenges in being able to afford the materials necessary to support the research and teaching mission of the university. We have arrived at another of those moments, when our allocation does not match our ongoing needs.

The Library faced a decreased budget for the current fiscal year and reduced acquisitions accordingly. With the budget for FY19 still unknown but likely flat or lower, and the expectation of at least a five percent increase in the cost of our current journal subscriptions, we must once again reduce our expenditures for books, journals, and databases by a minimum of $450,000 - $500,000.

We have begun a usage review of our electronic journals and databases, as well other types of materials such as microforms and reference titles, to identify areas where we can cut our acquisitions of lesser-used materials. This is not an easy task, and we take it very seriously.  Nevertheless, we need to operate within the budgetary environment that we have, so such reductions are necessary in order for us to remain responsible stewards of our allocation.

We are hopeful that future years will not be as challenging to the Library and its support of the university community. Please contact Dr. Ed Goedeken, Collections Coordinator with questions about the Library’s budget reduction.