Welcome back from Dean Madison

Feb 09, 2006

Dean Olivia MadisonHappy 2006 and welcome back to Your Library Newsletter. Spring semester is underway, and the library wants to highlight resources, services, opportunities, and staff to help lighten your load and make your academic life easier. Be sure to visit our physical facilities or our e-Library website, ask us for assistance or give us your feedback to make your library even better.

The Library is busy gathering information to support the Higher Learning Commission accreditation of Iowa State University. The University Self-Study is available on the e-Library under Library Information and includes Library Support for Teaching and Learning, Library Support for University Research, Planning, Assessment, and Continuous Improvement, and several other sections. To access it directly: http://www.lib.iastate.edu/cfora/generic.cfm?cat=gen_libinfo&navid=3038&parent=2026

Also under Library Information, look for "Faculty Liaisons and Subject Librarians". The work of the faculty liaisons is vital to the success of the University Library in supporting Iowa State University's goals for learning, discovery, engagement, and professional practice. In order to achieve an optimal level of communication, coordination, and informed decision making between the library and faculty, it's been beneficial to establish a set of agreed upon general responsibilities. Those responsibilities as well as those of the library's subject librarians are available at: http://www.lib.iastate.edu/collections/colloff/liaison_subj_respons.html

Have a great semester - your library is available to help you in whatever way we can.