Upgrade your Overleaf account.

Dec 12, 2018 · Eric Schares

Iowa State University is now an institutional member of Overleaf, an online, collaborative, real-time compiler of LaTeX, the document typesetting and preparation system. Becoming an institutional member of Overleaf provides anyone with an @iastate.edu email address with access to increased storage (20GB), upgraded features, teacher accounts, training materials, and improved support.

Overleaf is administered jointly by the Graduate College and the University Library, with additional support from the colleges of engineering, liberal arts and sciences, and veterinary medicine and the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

Already skilled with LaTeX and/or Overleaf? Consider taking the time to fill out a short survey so library staff can learn more about usage at Iowa State. Experienced users are encouraged to think about becoming part of a user group to share knowledge, answer questions, and develop best practices for the campus community.

For more information, visit Overleaf or contact Eric Schares (Parks Library) or Judy Strand (Graduate College).