A trove of data and more: OECD iLibrary

Feb 08, 2017 · Megan O'Donnell

The University Library recently gained access to the entire OECD iLibrary, a vast collection of documents, analysis, and data built around the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and similar organizations.

One feature?in addition to the reports and publications the iLibrary contains is a large collection of statistics and data that can be explored and downloaded. OECD.Stat is a tool provided, which allows users extract and compare data from different datasets on the fly. Data can be exported in a variety of file types including MS Excel, CVS text files, XML and preformatted data citations are available.

While the OECD iLibrary is primarily focused on economic data there is broad coverage across social science and STEM topics. Researchers of all disciplines should remember the iLibrary when seeking basic worldwide and country level data.

An example data citation from OECD iLibrary is below.

OECD?(2017),?"Threatened species",?OECD Environment Statistics?(database).
(Accessed on 24 January 2017)