Study strong: Reserve an individual study room today

Mar 09, 2022 · Chrislyn Lawson, student writer

As the first round of exams are scheduled and papers are assigned, students are utilizing the University Library to vigorously prepare for them. As always, the library is a hot spot for ISU students seeking resources and study spaces.

In addition to collaboration rooms, since October 2021, Parks Library now provides low distraction, independent study rooms on the second and third floors. For use by one person at a time, the rooms are for registered ISU students to support their studies without the disturbance of low-volume conversations that are common in high-traffic study areas.

"While many students may benefit from a quiet space now and then, some students with ADHD or who have autism or sensory overload issues may have a greater need for quiet, private, and low-distraction study spaces to get good work done,"  said Susan Vega Garcia, assistant dean for inclusion and equity. "The individual study rooms may be a good option for them as well, and all include outlets for recharging your devices as you work."

When the semester kicked off, I reserved a single-study room on the third floor to take notes for my technical communication course. The atmosphere of the room is low-key, subtle, and warm; all the qualities of a space to bring out the studious Zen within a student. After an hour of briskly taking notes on my composition book, I felt academically empowered for taking on the next assignment and quiz ahead of me.

According to mechanical engineering student Jacob Cavner, his experience using the individual study rooms is similarly positive. “I've found the single-user study rooms to be a great location to take online interviews,” Cavner said. “The whiteboard and overall layout of the room gives the appearance of a professional-looking office.”

It’s important to note that students can only occupy the space no more than three hours per day. Visit the Reserve a Library Space page to choose a room and time to book an individual study room.

Pictured right: Chrislyn Lawson