Student Wellness Tap Room comes to Parks Library

Feb 06, 2019

Contact: Brian Vanderheyden, Student Wellness assistant director.

Tap Into Your Mental Health

AMES, IOWA  — Focusing on student mental health is a growing priority on college campuses across the U.S., and Iowa State University is no exception.

“I think mental health is largely ignored a lot of times by students, but it’s an important aspect of overall wellbeing,” said Samarth Vachhrajani, sophomore in architecture.

Iowa State University Student Wellness and the University Library are collaborating to provide a space where students can focus on their mental health named The Tap Room.

The Tap Room is a space where students, faculty and staff can engage in activities that are evidence-based and help with relaxation, mindfulness and positive mental health promotion. Anyone is welcome to stop by, even for a few minutes, to take a break and focus on their wellbeing.

“Students taking time in their busy schedules to focus on their wellbeing is important and the Tap Room is designed to provide a space for students to focus on their health.  Students will learn different activities that are evidence-based around their mental health that they can take with them and practice anywhere.  We hope students continue to come back and participate regularly” said Brian Vanderheyden, Assistant Director at Student Wellness. “Research shows that consistent engagement in these strategies can reduce stress, increase relaxation and improve students’ mental health over time. We know student wellbeing is inextricably linked to student learning, retention and overall student success; we think this is one of many strategies that can enhance student wellbeing and their success at ISU.”

The Tap Room is available every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Lower Level of Parks Library near the center steps.  The Tap Room is also designed as a mobile outreach program that can be set up anywhere on campus.  Student organizations and ISU departments can request the Tap Room be set up in their spaces for students or staff to use during a designated time period.  For more information about the program, contact Student Wellness.

Student Wellness is one of four departments that make up the Student Health and Wellness Unit at Iowa State University.  Student Wellness focuses on population level health and provides leadership in helping to create a health promoting university.