Social Sciences & Humanities news: Avoid ?fake news?

Dec 14, 2016

The proliferation of ?fake news? on the Internet has been in the news lately. Platforms such as Google and Facebook have been under attack for their role in the promotion and circulation of false information. It has been suggested that the publicizing of ?fake news? by social media platforms may have influenced the outcome of the presidential election.?

Avoid the fake news bubble, and ensure that news sources are credible and checked for accuracy and reliability. Members of the ISU Community have many tools available on the University Library website. The library provides links to a number of news and newspaper databases. Use the Newspaper LibGuide to help identify links to newspapers and other reliable sources. CNET published How to avoid getting conned by fake news sites, which provides tips to identify them.

Ask Us! or contact your subject librarian with questions, concerns or for help identifying other resources.